PowerSDR-sr40: PowerSDR SoftRock40 Extensions

This project aims the building of a simple Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the shortwave radio bands. Little receivers are built like the SoftRock40 (available as kit, read more in this SoftRock40 Yahoo Group). To enable the experimentation with the transmitter path, the PowerSDR software is extended a bit.

PowerSDR-sr40 is a branch of Flex-Radio System's PowerSDR software that is extended it with features for the use with a SoftRock40 Radio. PowerSDR is originally used with a SDR1000 hardware, toghether they form a Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the shortwave bands. The hardware uses a near zero-IF Quadrature Mixing technology. It is implemented as an Quadrature Signal Detector/Exciter (QSD/QSE).


PowerSDR-sr40 is based on a Beta release of PowerSDR. Features include:

Enables TX path The transmitter path has been enabled for use with a Softrock40 RXTX.
IQ Sample Correction Some soundcards (like Soundblaster Live! 24 bit internal) do not process IQ input synchronously, the software might correct this.
Dual soundcard support Allows you to use the primary sound card for IQ processing to your Softrock40 while a second sound card is used for Audio processing to Microphone and Speaker.
PTT/Key controls PowerSDR may connect to your Key, PTT and Radio via a serial or parallel interface.


Download the latest PowerSDR-sr40 Setup (approx. 2MB).

Please read the PowerSDR-sr40 Installation Manual to setup the software.
The general use of PowerSDR is described in SDR1000 Operation Manual.

Source Code

The source code repository may be browsed here .
Source code is available via SVN at:


A Subversion client like TortoiseSVN is required.


There is a Sourceforge PowerSDR-sr40 Project page.
Please be aware that this is experimental software and therefore may contain bugs.

Feel free to send comments, ideas, requests, questions, 73,